About Us

Comprised of over 20 professionals with different academic backgrounds and social experiences, Seedland International Limited specialises in public relations consultancy services, event management and publishing for children and education.

Company Profile

We believe in the children and the power of the children. May all children flourish in the soil of love, light and laughter in Seedland and produce fruits that are blessed.

Seedland International Limited is a specialist publishing, event management and public relations consultancy dedicated to fulfilling the needs of children. We are a team of more than 20 experts from diverse professions including senior child workers, event management consultants, project management experts, public relations consultants, designers, printing and production consultants, networking consulting experts, media relations marketers, advertising experts, media researchers and coordinators.

An experienced team of doctors, child psychologists, university professors, senior teachers, nutritionists, social workers as well as authors of children’s books is ready to provide parents and children with the most up-to-date market information and constructive advice.

Our team is ready to face any challenges ahead of us. We will take a systematic approach to make the best use of our flexibility, knowledge and creativity, so as to provide clients with all-round solutions and service and help you get ahead of times through integrated initiatives.

Why Seedland?

Our aim is to provide clients with professional quality services for the benefit of the growth of children. Within a few years’ time since it was founded, we have earned considerable credibility which allows us to embrace a wide range of corporate and consumer clients. We are honoured to be awarded as a member of the Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service which demonstrates our corporate citizenship in the society. Our strengths include professionalism, creativity, social & school network, resources, philosophy, experience, talents and tools.

  • Infinite creativity
  • Strong organizing and executive ability
  • Clean and brisk progress
  • Immediate and flexible reactions
  • Diversified and high-quality services

Our Team

Seedland International Limited aims to build a better world for tomorrow with the most integrated service and solutions. Our team members possess a wide variety of expertise, such as: public relations, event organization, event management, advertising, media sale, media purchase, editorial publication, printing and production and internet techniques.

  • Public relations sector
  • Publication and distribution sector
  • Design and production sector
  • Media sale sector

Strong Capital Management

Apart from the strong network established with the newspapers, magazines, TV channels, radio channels and websites, Seedland International Limited also works closely together with its own publishing house, magazines and websites. The flexible resource planning and allocation allow us to meet the needs of clients from diverse sectors.

  • Parenting and education
  • Children’s magazine
  • Interactive platform for children
  • One-stop information centre for parents
  • Educational tools and creative books

Call To Action

The Seedland team consists of members from different walks of life and different backgrounds. With a client-oriented approach in mind, our team follows up our client’s requests with care and professionalism, providing effective and reliable PR, event organizing and publishing services that suit our client’s every need.

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